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  1. Trailer Jack Stands

    Trailer Jack Stands

    A jack stand will raise and lower an implement for hitching by simply turning a handle instead of straining the back to lift. Learn More
  2. Truck'n Buddy

    Truck'n Buddy Pickup Tailgate Step

    Pick-up truck bed access steps help workers with leg or back impairments access their cargo area of the truck without taking such a large step or “jumping”. Learn More
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  3. Manual Cable Hoist/Puller

    Manual Cable Hoist/Puller

    Cable Pulling Tools can be used for multiple pulling and lifting purposes for workers with arm, back or mobility impairments. Learn More
  4. Worksite Assisstive Technology Assessment Onsite

    Worksite Assistive Technology Assessment - Onsite

    An on-site Worksite Assistive Technology Assessment helps you determine which assistive technologies and strategies will improve your functioning on the job. Learn More
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  5. Personal AT Consultation document

    Personal Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation

    A Personal Assistive Technology Consultation is the first ray of hope!  It includes an in-depth ½ -hour telephone interview followed-up within a week by a professional 1-page description of potential worksite solutions for your medical condition.

    Learn More
  6. Log Lifter

    Custom Assistive Technology

    Could you build me a ____? Custom Assistive Technology is an idea built to your specifications for YOU! Have you dreamed of a product 'If only I could have a ..." ??? We will call you to create a plan. Learn More

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