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No more climbing! Use this man-lift to access equipment in less harsh environments. A manlift will lift a worker who cannot climb to the equipment operator’s station. CONTACT us for price quote on man-lift delivery and installation costs (typically in the range of $1200 to $2500).

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  • Standard Manlift

Manlift on lawnmower roll-bars

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  • Manlift on lawnmower.
  • Manlift on lawnmower roll-bars
  • Manlift on SUV
  • Manlift on RV
  • Portable manlift for many applications.
  • Portable manlift with airplane

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No more climbing! Use this man-lift to access equipment in less harsh environments. A man-lift will lift a worker who cannot climb to the equipment operator’s station. The ladders leading to the operator’s station on equipment are steep and tall with small surface areas on the steps themselves. Workers with limited mobility who are able to stand can use platform man-lifts that lift them up so they can walk directly from the platform to the seat without climbing any steps. Workers who cannot stand need a man-lift with a seat or sling that will lift them from ground level to a position near enough to transfer from the man-lift to the tractor seat. Commercially manufactured man-lifts for heavy equipment or hoists certified to lift people should be used as the lifting mechanism.


Workers with common conditions such as these would benefit from an Equipment Manlift.



Balance / Core Stability

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Diabetes/Diabetic Neuropathy

Leg Amputation

Mobility Impairment

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy



Spinal Cord Injury


Traumatic Brain Injury


Degenerative Joint Disease

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View FileEquipment Manlift Warranty    Size: (110 KB) Warranty confirmation by owner and installer
View FileEquipment Manlift Installation Guide    Size: (1.75 MB) Installation guide for CoachLift.

Additional Information

This lift is well suited for cleaner and less harsh environments where there is not heavy dust and dirt. It has been used effectively to improve access to:

  • Lawn care equipment, 
  • Semi trucks,
  • Buses,
  • Porches, 
  • Van’s, 
  • Airplanes, 
  • Manufactured Homes, 
  • SUV’s, 
  • Pickups,  and
  • Boats.

 The CoachLift® is a chair that rises on a lift tube. The user sits comfortably, pushes the control button, rises gently, and swivels the chair into the door opening. The CoachLift® runs on a 12volt DC motor and is engineered for durability and ease of use. Installation requires a minimum of modification to your vehicle, making it an economical solution. A maximum load of 400 pounds can be lifted.


The portable man-lift works for many applications, including aircraft, uses its own 12 Volt battery. It does not connect to the aircraft power system. The weight of the entire lift is approximately 75 pounds (excluding the battery). The lift tube is mounted on a base that rolls up to the aircraft's entry door. There are brakes on two of the wheels for stability. The person needing access to the aircraft sits in our lift chair. The user pushes a button on the hand control and the chair rises on the lift tube to the height required to enter the aircraft. The swing arm and chair are maneuvered through the door and the person steps off the chair onto the aircraft's floor. If the person is unable to stand, he or she transfers into the aisle seat. The lift is disassembled and stowed in the baggage compartment for use at the aircraft's destination.


Safe, comfortable design, minimal modification for installation, chair is easily removed for travel. 


Steel weight bearing parts, aluminum chair and lift tube.


Custom options include:  Lift tubes up to 12 feet long, special modifications for heavier persons, platform options limited to floor heights under 31 inches, chair with extended back, wider chair option and removable arm.



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