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A lift creeper helps a person with leg impairments to work on projects close to the floor and then rise to sitting or standing without trouble. **Please allow two week lead time**


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Disability use text

A lift creeper helps a person with leg impairments to work on projects close to the floor and then rise to sitting or standing without trouble. It is a mechanic's creeper with a seat and floor jack to lift the operator from a kneeling level up to a sitting position without using leg muscles.  Choose between the hydraulic hand-pumped lift option or the electric powered lift option. https://youtu.be/OCdTw5WlVOw Electric Powered lift video.


  • The mechanic's creeper is useful because the operator does not need to crawl from one place to another, but can use arm strength to push and pull the creeper into position.
  • The seat is useful because it provides a comfortable position to sit in.
  • The floor jack is useful because it brings the operator into a sitting position that is easy to stand up from with the armrests.


This could be useful to farmers, mechanics, maintenance workers in industry, plumbers, gardeners and many other occupations.


Workers with common conditions such as these would benefit from a Lift Creeper.



Rheumatoid Arthritis




Spinal Cord Injury

Replaced Joints - Arthroplasty



Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Mobility Impairment

Lower Extremity Impairments

Leg Amputation

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Diabetes/Diabetic Neuropathy

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Additional Information

Worker using a toggle switch to lower the lift seat on an electric powered lift creeper while working in his workshop.This is the third generation lift creeper using a large-wheel creeper, aluminum floor jack and a tractor seat with armrests. The creeper has a wide wheel base to reduce the danger of tipping over. The long handle on the jack makes it easy to pump the seat up, and the aluminum jack keeps the weight of the lift creeper low.

Lift Creeper Weight: 120 pounds.

Height adjusts from 8.5" to 24" high. 

Operator weight capacity limit of 280 lbs on the hydraulic hand pumped lift option.

The electric powered lift option is an electric actuator raising a motorcycle jack with a reclining tractor seat mounted on it.  At its lowest point, the seat is 15-inches from the floor.  Raised all the way the seat is 27-inches high.  It can lift 250 pounds and has no-flat locking casters.  A battery maintainer/charger is provided to keep the battery at full power. 

This is a way for a person with leg impairments to work on projects close to the floor and then stand up without trouble.






  1. The operator weight limit is 250 pounds. 
  2. Always lock casters and place the seat back in the upright position when sitting down into or standing up from the seat. 
  3. As medically necessary, have an attendant nearby or on call to assist sitting down or standing up from the seat and a cell phone to call for assistance.
  4. The operator is responsible to follow medical advice regarding appropriate work tasks for their physical condition. 
  5. Beware of pinch points where a) the seat lift arms raise and lower; b) the lift cylinder retracts as seat lowers; and c) the seat lowers.  Keep feet in front of the lowering seat to prevent pinching them under the seat.  See warning labels below.
  6. Keep obstacles clear of the control switch to prevent unexpected raising or lowering of the seat.  The control switch is carefully positioned beneath the seat to help avoid obstacles, however the operator is responsible for protection of the control switch.
  7. Do not operate the powered lift creeper if you are unable to easily control the up and down motion of the seat with the control switch.

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