Old is New

A billboard along the highway caught my attention this past week. I think it was for a furniture store or antique store. It was the tagline that caught my attention. It read, "Old is New" 

Old Farmer with New Case IH 886 Steps

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Carpal Tunnel AT Work


Squeeze. Twist. Shake. Repeat.  Squeeze. Twist. Shake. Repeat.  Now what, pain and numbness you say?  The median nerve that controls a workers hand passes through a narrow tunnel in the wrist formed by bones and the carpal ligament.  High-force squeezing, sharply twisted wrists and vibrations of the hands irritate this median nerve inside the carpal tunnel.  Repeating these irritating motions can permanently restrict the carpal tunnel.  This is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome resulting in the disabling symptoms of numbness and pain.  There are practical techniques to reduce irritating motions without stopping the work.Stake and Punch Driver

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Heavy Equipment Operator Demonstration

Heavy Equipment manlifts give access to the operator seat of bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, tractors, skidders and other types of heavy machinery.

Here is an opportunity you won't want to miss!  From July 22-24 in East Lansing, Michigan, workers with disabilities can test drive a heavy-equipment manlift and an all-terrain Action Track Wheelchair and learn about working on the job with arthritis.  Michigan State University Ag Expo offers this great chance for heavy equipment operators with arthritis. 

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Gripping Story For Arthritic Hands

Biting a rope when arthritic hands won't grip.Flinging hammers.  Smashing mugs.  Hugging posts.  Stomping pedals.  Clenching teeth.


This could sound like a temper tantrum, but it’s not.  This is a tradesman in his shop or on the work site getting the job done in spite of impaired grip strength.  Sometimes...

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