Workin in a winter wonderland

In case you weren’t aware, it is winter. Looking out my window in west Michigan, it looks more like early spring, but it is still chillingly cold, annoyingly wet, and January still has a week to go. Winter can be a slow time for trade workers, and most days can be spent in the comfort. However, farmers, loggers, builders, excavators, and many others have to spend many days outside in harsh conditions. Read on to find out more about making your work a bit easier this winter.

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Baby Calves!


Winter calving is well underway, and spring calving is just around the corner. This is the time I have always enjoyed. Seeing the new calves out with their mothers is a sight that cannot be duplicated!

I'd like to talk about those crucial first few hours and days of a calf's life, especially during this time of year.

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Workshop Wonders



Workshop Wonders: ...Tools that help us in the workshopTopside creeper


Second half of February! Winter is on the downhill slide for the northern half of the country - or for anyone in the northern hemisphere.  For our southern neighbors (as in the southern hemisphere!) your summer is sliding towards fall.   

A lot of us take this time to prepare for the upcoming spring season, whether we are repairing equipment from the use of last season, or getting it ready for this season.  Even if your workshop doesn't depend on the outside seasons, then you are probably still in it!

If you are disabled or in some way limited in function, a "normal" workshop may present certain challenges that you can remove.  Let's look at some tools that can help you in your shop.


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Outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing are very enjoyable for many folks.  Wintertime sportsmen like ice fishing and hunting among other sporting activities like skiing, sledding with the kids, or just enjoying the beauty of winter and spending time outside.  Those who work outdoors (for any length of time) in cold weather climates also are exposed to the elements for varying lengths of time.

The physically disabled man or woman is just as able to enjoy these activities as the next pers...

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